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As a top optometrist in Southern California, Dr. Nishida provides pediatric eye exams and vision therapy in Burbank, CA, to help children avoid serious vision issues that can have an impact on their intellectual and social development.

Pediatric Eye Exams & Vision Therapy Q&A

by Lori Nishida-Eugenio, OD, FCOVD

How often does my child need to see the eye doctor?

Your child should have his or her first eye exam by around six months of age to look for signs of eye conditions and diseases that could have an impact on how the child develops and grows. The next exam should occur at about three years of age, followed by another exam before first grade to look for problems that could impair learning and other school-related activities. After that, having an eye exam every two years is recommended for identifying eye and vision issues as early as possible. Some children may need to be seen more frequently.

What happens during a pediatric eye exam?

During the very earliest exam while the child is still a baby, the exam will focus on seeing how well your baby can track moving objects and as well as assessing other vision function and evaluating the physical health of the eyes. By the time of the three-year visit, your child will be able to perform certain tasks during the exam and answer questions that can help uncover potential vision issues. Your child will undergo many of the same assessment as you experience in your adult exam, including measuring acuity or how clearly your child sees, evaluating depth perception and assessing peripheral vision. Exams will also look for refractive vision issues, including farsightedness and nearsightedness as well as astigmatism.

What is vision therapy?

Vision therapy includes specific types of activities that can help improve your child's vision and visual function. Unlike corrective lenses that improve vision by compensating for deficits, vision therapy helps improve vision by improving the way the eye works. Vision therapy begins with a comprehensive therapeutic exam to help evaluate the eye function and identify issues which can be addressed through a program of customized exercises developed specifically for your child's unique vision needs.


The cost of routine eye exams and prescription eyewear can be of real concern, especially for large families. In many cases, vision insurance can lower these annual expenses. A vision insurance policy is not the same as health insurance. Regular health insurance plans protect you against financial losses due to unexpected eye injuries or disease. Vision insurance, on the other hand, is a wellness benefit designed to provide routine eye care, prescription eyewear and other vision-related services at a reduced cost.

Because we provide both medical and routine eye care, we accept a number of insurance plans to help cover the cost depending on your individual needs. Here are just some of the plans that we accept:

In-Network Medical Plans: Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare.

Vision Plans we accept: Vision Service Plan (VSP) and EyeMed


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