Why is a contact lens exam necessary if I have already had a comprehensive eye exam?

A comprehensive eye exam checks the overall health of the eyes and visual function including a refraction to determine the need for glasses. Contact lenses are classified as a medical device and are regulated by the FDA because you wear it directly on the eye, thus having the potential for sight threatening complications if it has not been fit properly by an eye care professional. A contact lens exam is separate because not everyone wants to wear contact lenses.

What is involved with a contact lens exam?

A contact lens exam starts with a discussion with your doctor about your particular vision needs for wearing contacts to make the right choice of lens for you. A contact lens exam includes additional measurements to determine the right curvature and diameter lens for each patient, as well as converting the power difference from glasses sitting 12 mm in front of the eye to a contact lens sitting on the eye, this is why a contact lens power is not always the same as an eyeglass prescription.

Once the proper lens and prescription have been determined, trial lenses are fit if they are disposables or ordered if they are custom made for you.

Advancements in contact lens technology offer successful contact lens wear for most people with a wide range of eye conditions including dry eye. A contact is a medical device in contact with the tissues of your eye and are regulated by the FDA therefore, it must fit appropriately to maintain the health of your eyes. A contact lens prescription can only be determined by the careful observation of the lens on the eye and the eye’s response to the lens on follow-up visits. Since follow-up care is essential, it is your responsibility to keep all appointments and follow all lens care instructions.


Before a patient can be fit with contact lenses, a complete medical and refractive eye examination is necessary. This exam is critical to ensure that your eye health is compatible with contact lens wear and that  you do not have any underlying condition that would interfere  with successful  contact lens wear.


Finding the perfect contact lenses for your visual needs and comfort is our goal. We offer a wide variety of types, materials, sizes, and colors to choose from. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring a proper and thorough contact lens fitting process, which may require multiple appointments. We provide trial lenses to ensure the right fit and visual acuity. Contact lens prescriptions are finalized only when both the patient and the doctor are satisfied. If you’re a new patient, providing your current lens prescription is helpful. Schedule your contact lens fitting within 6 months of your initial exam for optimal results.


For first time contact lens wearers, we provide personalized instruction concerning the safe care and usage of contact lenses. If additional time is needed, it may be necessary to schedule a second training session at a different time. Upon completion of successful insertion and removal, the patient may begin wearing the contact lenses and we will schedule the first follow-up appointment within two weeks.





*Contact Lens Trial Policy