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Custom Specialty Contact Lenses for High Prescription and Astigmatism

Patient information

Patient: Lisa J
Age: 30 years old
Date of Visit: March 20, 2023

Patient Background

Lisa J, a 30-year-old woman, visited our eye clinic seeking specialized contact lenses for vision correction. She had a high prescription and astigmatism, making it challenging to find comfortable and effective vision correction options. Lisa’s occupation required excellent visual acuity, and she wanted to explore advanced contact lens solutions tailored to her needs.

Patient Visit Details

1.Patient History and Visual Needs:
A comprehensive discussion was conducted to understand Lisa’s visual history, including any previous contact lens experiences and her specific visual requirements.
Lisa expressed her desire for improved vision clarity, comfort, and long-term eye health.

2.Refraction and Prescription Determination:
Lisa’s refractive error was assessed using a phoropter to determine her precise prescription for contact lenses.
The measurement of her astigmatism and the unique characteristics of her cornea were considered to customize the contact lens fitting.

3.Corneal Topography:
Corneal topography mapping was performed to obtain detailed information about the shape and curvature of Lisa’s cornea.
This data guided the selection and design of specialty contact lenses that would provide optimal fit and visual correction.

4.Specialty Contact Lens Fitting:
A fitting process was conducted to evaluate different types of specialty contact lenses suitable for Lisa’s prescription and visual needs.
Various options, such as scleral lenses or hybrid lenses, were explored to address her high prescription and astigmatism.

5.Lens Trial and Visual Assessment:
Lisa was provided with trial lenses of the selected specialty contact lenses to evaluate their comfort, vision quality, and overall performance.
Visual assessments were conducted to ensure the lenses provided the desired level of vision correction and met her expectations.

Diagnosis and Discussion

Based on the examination and patient history, Lisa was diagnosed with the following condition:
High Prescription and Astigmatism requiring Specialty Contact Lenses:

1.Lisa’s high refractive error and astigmatism necessitated specialized contact lenses tailored to her unique visual needs.
2.Conventional contact lenses may not have provided the level of vision correction and comfort she desired.

Treatment Plan

1.Specialty Contact Lens Selection:

After evaluating different options, Lisa was prescribed custom-designed scleral lenses to address her high prescription and astigmatism.
Scleral lenses provide better visual acuity, improved comfort, and enhanced stability on the ocular surface.

2.Fitting and Adjustment:

The scleral lenses were carefully fitted and adjusted to ensure proper alignment and fit on Lisa’s cornea.
Ongoing monitoring and adjustments were made as needed to optimize lens performance and comfort.

3.Lens Care and Maintenance:
Lisa received comprehensive instructions on lens care and maintenance to promote long-term eye health and prevent complications.
Proper cleaning, disinfection, and lens handling techniques were discussed to ensure safe and comfortable lens wear.

4.Regular Follow-up:
Lisa was advised to schedule regular follow-up visits to monitor her contact lens fit, evaluate visual acuity, and address any concerns or adjustments needed.

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